Good Morning!!

I was busy all weekend answering questions, which is a good busy. I will explain here on my blog why you should become a member of Swap Couture.

I started Swap Couture because of my love for designer handbags. I have so many and I have given so many away, so I thought there has to be something more creative to do with these great bags.

The first thing you do is join. Joining Swap Couture allows you to swap as often as you like for 1 year. By swap I do not mean borrow or rent. I mean you give Swap Couture a bag and you get a bag in return. One month later, you have a bag from Swap and maybe you are tired of it. You can turn it back in for something else, maybe your bag or maybe not, because someone else may have yours. Also, you can send in as many bags as you like, you will get the same amount of bags back. For instance a member sent in 2 bags, a Brahmin bag and a LV Boulogne bag. She swapped them for a Michael Kors and Gucci respectively. She says she loves them and does not want to swap again, not those bags anyway, but she could if she wanted to. Another member gave me a small D&B and received a MK tote. A few months later, she gave me back the MK tote for my Bally bag. She also gave me a MK bag for a Brahmin with a matching wallet. She likes a variety. Both members paid $99.99

The different categories were established so that we wont end up with a lot of lower end bags. You cannot send in a $200 bag and get an $800. Even if you sent in 4 $200 bags, we still would not be balanced. The good news is that you can and should swap up! You can send in a $200 bag and receive a $499 bag! So you see you can elevate your swap, or bag up!

We also established different membership plan.. Some bags are very low end, maybe for your child's first bag. The lowest membership is the Basic Membership for $49.99. The category for the Basic membership is category Simple and Sweet. This category allows you to swap bags less than $200. You can dig deep in your closet, pull out your first coach and swap it for one of these bags, maybe for a gift for a child or a tween! The membership that is $99.99 is the Premium membership. It consists of the Chic category, which allows you to swap bags that are between $200-$499. So if you have an old Coach or Dooney and Bourke that you may want to swap for a MK or another of the same kind just newer, you want this membership. You pay $99.99 and swap away. The next category is the Classic category. This category belongs to the Elite Membership which is $199.99. You can swap for bags that retail for $500-$999, which means you can swap a nicer Coach or MK that you paid maybe $500 for for a Gucci or LV that retails for $900! You are elevating your swap, bagging up or swapping up! The amazing thing is that you can swap as often as you like, which is why there is an annual fee. Lastly, is the Celebrity category, which is an Exclusive membership for $399.99. These bags are $1000 and over. You can swap a bag for $1000 for a bag for $2000! Imagine swapping your old Louis Vuitton for another Louis Vuitton that is $1000 more! You have elevated your bag collection. Even if its an even swap as far as price goes, you can swap multiple bags. Being a member allows that.

Oh yes, another important feature, some of the bags are brand new! Where can you get a brand new $1000 bag for $399.99? In a sense, we are giving you $600 for your used bag and no one does that! I was told that at one time a major dept store gave customers $50 on their bags. We are doing much better than that. Even if the bag you get from us is not brand new, it is in great condition. I will continue to say that you can swap several bags, but you pay a once a year membership fee. I just thought of another example. If you have a Premium membership and you want to upgrade and swap as an Elite member, you simple pay an additional $100 and that allows you to swap in a higher category.

Because I love bags, and want you to have the bags you want, and I am the owner, let me know what you want. I will do my very best to accommodate you.

Enjoy your day!