Happy Friday Ladies!

This is the best place for me to really talk about who I am and Swap Couture.

I am a wife, mother, believer in Christ, and a business woman. My business is Swap Couture and though it comes after all of who I am, it is very very important to me. I founded Swap Couture because of my love for designer handbags. It is as simple as that, but Swap Couture has allowed me to connect with women and have great conversations daily. The business part of that, however is that women who love designer handbags like I do, can partner with me and elevate their bags by swapping bags with women all around the country! I love that!

I have found that many women don't want to let go of their bags, or they feel they will get something less than what they have. Swap Couture will elevate you! You will be bagging up! Now if you only have one bag, then you are probably wont let it go. If you are a bag lover like me, however, you have tons that you do not even carry, so you are more willing to let it go. You don't carry it anyway, so why not swap it for one that you want to carry.

Swap Couture is ever changing! I am making adjustments to fit the needs of my members. I am able to set the rules, and I am listening to you. I hope you visit this blog to stay abreast on me my business.

Have a fabulous day and walk with integrity!