Good Morning Beautiful Girls!

I have so much to discuss this morning!

First, Swap Couture now has 4 memberships, with the lowest at $49.99! I made these changes based on feedback from you. The Basic Membership of $49.99 is for bags less than $200. This may be a starter bag or a daughter's starter bag. The other memberships are as follows: Premium Membership $99.99 (bags $200-$499), Elite Membership (bags $500-$999), Exclusive Membership (bags $1000 and over). I am so excited about the new memberships.

Second, I have20131009_110511-1 been featuring members to show you how they have elevated their styles and have "Bagged Up" so to speak. You do not lose out at Swap Couture, but gain a better bag or "Bag Up." I posted a picture of Nancy Medina on Facebook yesterday with her amazing Brahmin bag with matching wallet. She gave Swap Couture a cream Michael Kors. I posted a pic of her here. Check her out. She "Bagged Up!" If you want to see Nancy's beautiful face, check it out on my facebook page, I will continue to post pics of satisfied members from all over the country! I encourage you ladies who are not a part of Swap Couture to join us!

Last, I saw a piece on GMA this morning. Tory Johnson featured bags for under $20, but before you get excited, they were not designer bags. They were bags made for convenience more less. The most expensive was $60 regularly priced. Before you buy your next designer bag, look at the bags on this website. It will save you money and you will have a great bag!

I think I'm done. Do something nice for someone today! Have an amazing day!