Good Morning Bag Lovers!

Lets get this Friday off to a great start!

I would love to know your thoughts on Swap Couture's new look! Please feel free to post.



Today I am featuring the Cream Chloe Paddington bag. It is a great bag to have. Its very soft and roomy, and comes with a lock and key. The Paddington retails from $1200-$3000 and has been around now for over 5 years.

Why pay retail if you do not have to. This nice expensive bag can be yours by becoming an exclusive member of Swap Couture for $399 and giving up a bag that you no longer carry. Its that simple! If you have a bag that retails for $1000 or more, and you really do not carry it, send it in and get this great Cream Chloe Paddington with rose gold hardware!

See the all the pics of the stars who wore the Chloe (1)


A thought for the day is Proverbs 10:4 He becomes poor that deals with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent makes rich. Lets work today diligently whether inside or outside of our homes!